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Our mission is to give you the tools, to make your music come to life. Our facility offers everything a musician could ever wish for. Music and video production, accommodation, great living and creating ambient.



Recording room A ( 140 m2 ) holds the neccesary space for virtually any recording demands while vocal booth is perfect for individual instruments or vocals, and recording room B overlooking the main room A, is perfect for vocals or additional musitians to be isolated from the main live room.



The recording equipment has been supplemented and completed all the time, and the new mixing console Solid State Logic SSL 9000 J set a new standard for analogue recording consoles. It combines ultra-high quality analogue electronics with sophisticated digital control and automation to accommodate the evolving needs of modern audio production.



We are specialised in analog mastering. Our strong point is extremely precise touch for analogue sound.. Mastering cost is 70 Euro per song, with discounts for an entire record.



We offer a variety of programs asociated with pre and post production in a musical world. Our highly motivated team of experts can give you all the know-how you need when starting your own music production.



Our studio can be rented also without our sound engineers. This way you can organize anything in it, from video shootings to practice rehersal...



4 bedrooms with 10 beds, fully equipped kitchen with a dining room for at least 14 people, 2 bathrooms, 2 living rooms with SAT TV, DVD, biliard,  a balcony and a terrace, snooker, table tennis, gym...

We can easily accommodate the whole production team during the time of recording. The RSL studio is proud to make your stay comfortable and allow your creative work to flourish.


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RSL PRODUCTION d.o.o.  |  Turkova ulica 34  |  SI-8000 Novo mesto  |  Slovenia, EU

T: +386 7 33 75 500  | M: +386 64 209 187